Episode 69: Rhianna is Pregnant

Episode 69: Rhianna is Pregnant is perhaps not about Rhianna, but you will just have to listen to find out. You may discover it’s about the poetic things that people have left in the world for others to see . . . or perhaps not see. Or maybe it’s about the little known news that Rhianna is pregnant.

Published by ROMPoetry

The Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry is an interactive museum where the common person and poetry meld. ROMP is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization.

4 thoughts on “Episode 69: Rhianna is Pregnant

  1. I really like all your podcasts, but an occasional “wackier” one is always welcome. Gotta mix things up. And how can you go wrong with marginalia!

    Kudos to Shaun and Bill for providing a little slice of 30 minute nirvana in my week!


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