Episode 49: Slightly Used

Episode 49: Slightly Used has Shaun and Bill reminiscing about dust and the patination of all things over time, including the skin off Shaun’s arm. Weigh in on Poetry Court in the comments below to tell us who won–prosecution or defense!

Episode 48: This Hand

Episode 48: This Hand takes an almost-concrete poem about devastating loss that was left on the museum’s “wall of love.” For all of us who have lost our animal friends, this poem strikes home.

Episode 47: Oklahoma Acrostic

Episode 47: Oklahoma Acrostic is a poem on a postcard sent through the postal mails, which recalls Oklahoma memories and weird state “flowers.” Obvious Bill resees poetry, invents rhyme-sniping, and Shaun has her work cut out for her in Poetry Court.

Episode 46: Super Cowboy

Episode 46: Super Cowboy is about a poor ole cowpoke doing all his chores and always hoping a cowgirl will show up somewhere on the range. Jim Reeves starts us out and a really bad poem rounds us out . . . or up.

Episode 45: On the Way

Episode 45: On the Way takes a road trip poem left in the museum years ago and we explore anthimeria and treasures to behold far beyond a pirate’s bounty. Bill creates a brilliant podcast convention poem.

Episode 44: Some Creepage

Episode 44: Some Creepage highlights a magnet poem and a defense of magnetic poetry against elitism. Attorney Shaun puts on an insanity defense in this episode’s POETRY COURT.

Episode 43: Cow Path

Episode 42: Forbidden Ukrainka

Episode 42: Forbidden Ukrainka describes another postcard the poetry museum received from the Ukraine with an inspiring poet on it. In Poetry Court, Judge Guthrie gets overwhelmed by “babies.” An episode of tragedy and comedy.

Episode 41: A New Sensation

Episode 41: A New Sensation is a workout of poetry and exercise–and Shaun has a surprise for Bill, who gets new freedom. POETRY COURT passes judgment on entwined memories of yesterday.

Episode 40: Moon and Sun

Episode 40: Moon and Sun describes a sister poem about the ways the moon and the sun are perhaps two sisters or are perhaps golden apples or silver apples, and Bill attempts to defend a very bad love poem in Poetry Court.

Episode 39: Yard Kill

Episode 39: Yard Kill describes a wonderful haiku and the 2nd session of Poetry Court, wherein Judge Bill decimates the criminal poem with an excellent decision from the bench.

Episode 38: A Lesser Divide

Episode 38: A Lesser Divide describes a one-line poem that inspires the reading of some one-line poems by Joe Brainard and also includes the first installment of Poetry Court where Shaun overuses the gavel and Bill makes a valiant defense.

Episode 37: Poetry Parks

Episode 37: Poetry Parks is not really about parks but includes poems by the Parks’ family who left their work in the museum. The family that writes poetry together . . . well, they’re just cool.

Episode 36: Got Stuck

Episode 36: Got Stuck is a mildly wacky episode about the poems that have gotten stuck in our heads through the years, the ones haunting us, such as David Baker’s “Haunts,” and William Stafford’s “Traveling Through the Dark.” Also some bad jokes, as usual.

Episode 35: Dog Dog

Episode 35: Dog Dog reveals a post-it note poem to a magnificent dog of yesteryear. Dog jokes and stories ensue.

Episode 34: The Stray

Episode 34: The Stray reveals a poem written and posted in the old museum’s secret corner, where snakes and mice lived and so did things that made this writer question “the mirror of my very soul.” Not to worry: There are some bad jokes in there, too

Episode 33: Tin Roof

Episode 33: Tin Roof explores two wonderful impromptu poems written in the museum recently that celebrate ROMP’s 10th anniversary and the gift of TIN. Tin! Tin! Ten!

Episode 32: I Try

Episode 32: I Try was taped at the beginning of June, Pride Month, and explores a beautiful poem recently left in the museum that ponders the question of a woman’s duty to the women she loves.

Episode 31: Where is Peggy?

Episode 31: Where is Peggy? is our first True Crime/Poetry podcast, although a crime may or may not be involved. What happened to the museum’s Peggy the Personification Pig, ambassador to the world on all things personification? She has been missing since 2014. Help us bring her home.

Promo Clip for Episode 31: Where is Peggy?


Episode 30: Pepper Martin

Episode 30: Pepper Martin highlights a 1930’s major league baseball sensation Pepper Martin, whom we learned about from a poem by Glenpool poet Gordon Bryan. Play ball! And poetry! And baseball haiku!

Episode 29: You are Bare

Episode 29: You are Bare describes a poem with bare bones imagery that asks you to bone up on your knowledge of things that are close to the bone. Sorry, but those are the bare facts, folks.

Episode 28: Serve Darkness

Episode 28: Serve Darkness takes a black out poem created atop a 19th century lament about the moral state of education but doesn’t ask that you, too, “serve darkness.”

Episode 27: Dissected Words

Episode 27: Dissected Words delves into the depths of spaces where words do or do not go and the effect their absence or presence has on us . . . plus, we practice several weak jokes, of course.

Episode 26: Shadow Box

Episode 26: Shadow Box describes a poem evoking experiences related to objects that bring to mind memories, fading over time. Bonus: Bill and Shaun tell each other bad jokes that neither one gets.

Episode 25: Mockingbird Song

Episode 25: Mockingbird Song begins with a mockingbird singing in Shaun’s yard and diverges into Charlton Heston screams, new sound board shenanigans and other lovely nonsense.

Episode 24: Ukraine Testament

Episode 24: Ukraine Testament describes a postcard the museum received from Ukraine in 2014 and how the poetry and sorrow of it has arrived here in our present times.

Episode 23: A Secret

Episode 23: A Secret takes you to the museum’s old secret corner where visitors left their secret poems, one of which we share with you.

Episode 22: My Rooster

Episode 22: My Rooster defines rooster in poetic and otherworldly terms and Foghorn Leghorn makes several appearances, as do other poetic characters of his ilk.

Episode 21: Wild Bergamot

Episode 21: Wild Bergamot describes a poem written from a Firewheel of Fortune card, Shaun’s tummy ache, Bill’s accents, dollops and sound effects and a visit with Earl Grey.

Episode 20: Moonrise Story

Episode 20: Moonrise Story describes a block assemblage poem, bursting balloons, grandma’s lilacs and scent memories of Mennen and Hai Karate!

Episode 19: Ties Break

Episode 19: Ties Break concerns ponderations on the mutability and stability, the integrity and authenticity of human life on this great planet of ours, and there are also a few jokes.

Episode 18: Climb a Giant

Episode 18: Climb a Giant explores a magnetic poetry poem with large and lovely archetypes that brings up images and memories of childhood fables and musings on the moon with Fe Fi Fo Fum and Phooey.

Episode 17: Still Learning

Episode 17: Still Learning discusses a “strikeout poem” that was written for the 19th amendment centennial exhibit at ROMP. It’s a lovefest of the ladies for 35 minutes. Enjoy.

Episode 16: Crocodile Couplets

Episode 16: Crocodile Couplets allows us to discuss couplets left as a sacrifice to Cora the Crocodile, whose domain included the treehouse at the first poetry museum site. Also, there’s some Valentine’s Day stuff.

Episode 15: Cannibal Lampshades

Episode 15: Cannibal Lampshades explores the inevitability of lampshades either taking over the world or becoming extinct. Only time will tell.

Episode 14: Get Your Hat

Episode 14: Get Your Hat takes us into a lovely summer poem in the middle of winter that is about going places and wearing hats and hysterical women in hats, etc.

Episode 13: Blues Tune

Episode 13: Blues Tune gets down to brass tacks involving Perry Mason mysteries, Langston Hughes poems and needing an answer–not an explanation!

Episode 12: Rest Your Neck

Episode 12: Rest Your Neck delivers a zen-like poem found in the museum’s medicine cabinet, and Bill has a big reveal, and we sing and recite Old English and stuff.

Episode 11: Dream Big

Episode 11: Dream Big starts with anger at an old song and detours into ideas of home and dreams and back to the anger at the old song and also something about tickling cheese.

Episode 10: Guide Pen

Episode 10: Guide Pen takes us on a journey digging into the ways a pen digs in and guides us, taking us places only limited by our imagination.

Episode 9: Some Trees

Episode 9: Some Trees describes all things TREE and then some, all starting from a lovely poem by a 10-year-old with the wisdom of the ages!
The end of Bill’s walking stick

Episode 8: Uneven Hem

Episode 8: Uneven Hem describes the patterns in life, the way one can veer off and the way one can stay straight and nice. WARNING: Numerous sewing puns ensue.
Senior Prom 1980: Arnold & Shaun in a dress Gangy made

Episode 7: Skeleton Key

Episode 7: Skeleton Key gives you the listener, the key to the meaning of life, and we do not exaggerate. We also become amateur graphologists in this one.

Episode 6: Pasta Sandwitch

Episode 6: Pasta Sandwitch explores this pondering from a museum visitor, which creates a wealth of other ponderings about sandwiches, exclamation points and lunch boxes.
Gifts from Bill mentioned in Episode 6!

Episode 5: The Dawn of You

Episode 5: The Dawn of You describes a 2-stanza poem that has us wondering about morning, thinking caps, Tom Jones, and sailors crashing into rocks.

Episode 4: Drunken Leeroy

Episode 4: Drunken Leeroy explores a poem about the ocean written on a piece of autograph book paper and leads to a discussion of kings and birds and wishes and dreams . . . and wacky things.

Episode 3: For Nothing

Episode 3: For Nothing takes you on a journey through a 5-word poem left on a block in the museum, which takes us into origins of the word “clap” and clackers and snapping fingers and other wacky things.

Episode 2: Pretty Girl

In Episode 2, Pretty Girl, Shaun and Bill look at a lyric poem about stars that was written and left in the Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry for others to read. The conversation touches on notions of beauty and the horrific amount of things one can say about “stars.” 

Episode 1: Shirley the Dog

Shirley the Dog gives an introduction to Wacky Poem Life hosts Bill Guthrie and Shaun Perkins and explores a couplet about a farting dog that was left in the Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry (the couplet, not the dog).

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