Episode 5: The Dawn of You

Episode 5: The Dawn of You describes a 2-stanza poem that has us wondering about morning, thinking caps, Tom Jones, and sailors crashing into rocks.

Episode 4: Drunken Leeroy

Episode 4: Drunken Leeroy explores a poem about the ocean written on a piece of autograph book paper and leads to a discussion of kings and birds and wishes and dreams . . . and wacky things.

Episode 3: For Nothing

Episode 3: For Nothing takes you on a journey through a 5-word poem left on a block in the museum, which takes us into origins of the word “clap” and clackers and snapping fingers and other wacky things.

Episode 2: Pretty Girl

In Episode 2, Pretty Girl, Shaun and Bill look at a lyric poem about stars that was written and left in the Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry for others to read. The conversation touches on notions of beauty and the horrific amount of things one can say about “stars.” 

Episode 1: Shirley the Dog

Shirley the Dog gives an introduction to Wacky Poem Life hosts Bill Guthrie and Shaun Perkins and explores a couplet about a farting dog that was left in the Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry (the couplet, not the dog).

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