Episode 48: This Hand

We measure a horse by hands. The hands of the clock tick away. Our hands explain us. Our hands reveal . . . mystery. Take a listen.

Episode 48: This Hand takes an almost-concrete poem about devastating loss that was left on the museum’s “wall of love.” For all of us who have lost our animal friends, this poem strikes home.
The Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry wall of hands. This is part of an exhibit on themes in poetry, and this wall is about LOVE. The quilt was a wedding present made for ROMP Director Shaun Perkins for her wedding in 1988 by her grandmother Ruby Wilkinson. The “hands” can be moved and touched and grasped. The prompt asks you to trace your hand and then put a poem about love on the hand and tape it to the wall.

Published by ROMPoetry

The Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry is an interactive museum where the common person and poetry meld. ROMP is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization.

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