Episode 81: Plague Doctor Rat Taxidermy

Episode 81: Plague Doctor Rat Taxidermy is precisely what it sounds like, a foray into the world of taxidermy, well, sort of, and literary taxidermy, cool plague doctor rats and all things stuffed or stuffing. ALSO, be sure to enter the Literary Taxidermy Contest and win a free WPL t-shirt! Enjoy! Taxidermy by Down South Taxidermy and Oddities.

Episode 79: Lizards Will Be Running

Episode 79: Lizards Will Be Running was originally titled Skinks in May, and it is about skinks and about May and about skinks in May, but it is about so much more, dear listener, so very much more. Enjoy! Opening bird song recorded by Bill Guthrie.

Episode 76: 76

Episode 76: 76 is not an episode where we couldn’t think of a title. It’s actually episode #76 about the #76. We have our reasons, both poetic and popular. Then again, we are full of snot and Grenache, too.

Episode 75: Oklahoma Bookshelf

Episode 75: Oklahoma Bookshelf delves into a imagery-filled Oklahoma found poem by a local writer and podcast fan and includes numerous bad Chuck Norris jokes and Bill’s attempts to deflect Shaun from continuing to make them. Also, some great poems by some Oklahoma poets now on display in the oklaPOEThoma exhibit in the museum.

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