Episode 63: Wooly-Headed Decline

Episode 63: Wooly-Headed Decline takes its name from a computer-generated poem about loss. Never fear: Real poems are also a part of this episode, along with restless shadows, brain dissection, losing one’s marbles and general cluelessness involving the meaning of the lyrics in Steely Dan’s “Rikki Don’t Lose That Number.”

Episode 59: How Still

Episode 59: How Still is about the Brady Bunch, paper dolls, asses, and Mrs. Santa Claus. Actually, it’s about a perfectly lovely Matsuo Basho haiku sent to us on a postcard from Japan in the year 2013. And it’s also about the Brady Bunch, paper dolls, asses . . .

Episode 56: Mushroom Message

Episode 56: Mushroom Message relays the messages and dream interpretations one might associate with that friendly fungus, the mushroom. Shroom, shroom, shroom. Someone left us a great mushroom poem in the museum, so here we go…….Opening music from Walter Jahn’s YouTube channel.